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Almost every person in the world longed to be part of their favorite movie at least one part in their life’s.

Once every so often, a dream turns Hollywood level cinematic – packed with action, the sounds of gunshots blasting around your ears, stunning camera work and smoothly planned fighting moves.

Last night, it was mine.

If what you’ll read next were to be played on the big screen, frame by frame, as it played out in my mind, you’d never have guessed it came from the mind of a stranger online.

With that, lets dive into the dream space.

(What I write down next is something I’d never do in real life)

Our otherworldly day begins at a horse riding school. While the riding school was different from the one I was in as a child, in the middle of the field stood a horse I still recognized despite many years passed by in the real world.

It was a horse named Jesper, he was the one who was so difficult to control that he threw me off and caused a concussion on my fall.

But in the dream I did not care about that, I simply walked up to him to say hi. He bit me in response, so instead I walked past him in a big circle.

Behind me, a woman approached the scene. She was tall, blonde, and muscular, wore black, tight clothing and carried a large semiautomatic rifle.

She immediately approached 2 other guys, gave each of them a similar rifle and pointed hers at their backs, forcing them to force everyone in the main building of the riding school.

While she held the 2 men at gunpoint, the 2 men pointed theirs at the rest and forced us to go inside.

Overall, a very weird power dynamic, but it seemed to work.

Fear was growing in everyone’s eyes. Men, women, and children.

Even the 2 men with the rifles looked more frightened than threatening, for they knew full well if they didn’t force us inside they would be killed.

Anxiously, I shuffled in the remarkably organized queue, going in the building, entering the hallway. Our first room showed a small office with a window and a door. The door was closed but through the window, it was clear someone was inside! A lady was behind a computer.

Since I was in the center of the line, I wouldn’t draw much attention to the forced-to-be guards if I tried to raise alarm about a hostage. I knocked on the window and whispered loudly: “We’re held hostage, call the police!”.

The lady didn’t move an inch…

I looked closer, and, to my shock, she was fake! Just a human-sized doll! The same went for all the other areas of the building. In the café, the room as filled with dolls posed so casually, as if someone took a moment in life and replaced all he people by dolls.

I didn’t give up, and asked others in line also to reach out for help as quietly as they could. No one had luck.

At the end of a hallway, there was a closed door. The guard at the front opens the door and everyone walks inside without any comment. The last person to enter was the woman. In the middle of the room was a large swimming pool. The woman ordered everyone to jump inside. The nearly hundred people, including the 2 male guards, complied. Everyone stripped to their underwear, with the guards also dropping their rifles on the floor, and jumped in the pool.

It didn’t take long before everyone was inside, and the woman pressed a button. A big, heavy cover was pulled over the pool by a motor. There was screaming from all direction, especially the children. While you could still get your head out of the water, it was clear we’d soon be without oxygen…

The cover sealed the pool into complete darkness, to the point that the only way we knew we were in a pool was because we felt wet. I just knew then and there, this is how I die. This was a horrible feeling, and in my head I started thinking how long it will take before my life has come to an end.

But a spark of conscious came. I began thinking, “what if this is all a dream?”. Another part of my mind went: “But it’s so real, the sounds, the feelings, sure this can’t be fake!”. “But if it is, that means I can change my destiny”, I thought again.

While the entire dream was so cinematic and realistic that there is no way of guessing it was a dream, I still assumed it was, given its strange events. I closed my eyes and pushed my hand upward. To my surprise it went through the cloth! It was just large enough to get my arm through, but you could already see light seeping in the pool! I tried to feel for the handle or button that the woman had used. Once I could grab on to something, I heard a “click!”, and cloth was slowly being removed again!

I got out of the pool. The woman turned around and quickly reached for her rifle. The situation, for a split second, was so tense. Just in time, I managed to reach down and grab one of the guard’s rifles.

The woman screamed: “Hey you’re not supposed to be ou-” BANG!! and a bulled pierced right through her skull. The scene was so realistic, the blood splatted out the back of her head as the force of the bullet made her topple over backwards, she fell into the pool. The dead body was floating as blood slowly covered the surface of the water.

I won the shootout. We were free.

Still in the room, I yelled softly. “Alright everyone, grab the leftover rifles. We don’t know what these people want, as they have been acting so mysteriously.”, I addressed the group, including the children, referring to the mysterious situation with the swimming pool.

“We have to assume more people will come for us, but the good news is they think we’re dead, so we have the element of surprise!”. With a tone of positivity, I closed off my speech. I gestured towards the door. “Let’s all quietly walk out in an orderly fashion, so we won’t raise any attention to ourselves.”

The kids were quiet for a few seconds, then suddenly: “AAAAAAH!” all the kids screamed and ran in different directions. It became a complete chaos. Because of this loud noise, I saw no way to recover from this, and slowly walked out the room. The halls soon also filled with huge streams of kids, all panicking and running left and right.

I managed to grab one kid, black with a ponytail and pink pants (all that I remember) by the legs. I simply stood in front of a window, and began smacking her head against the glass! It was really hard and loud.

I don’t know why exactly, I got so angry and annoyed by how everyone basically killed themselves by not sticking to the plan.

She was still alive and screaming. I did it again and again and again, until she was finally dead. I then kept doing it until the window broke open, and then I threw her body outside into the bushes and laughed while I threw her, saying “byeeeeee!”.

Then, I went to stand in the window opening, hands to my side saying: “Well, my job is done here, it’s time to go.” and with those words I flew away into the sunlight, like a superhero just saved the day.