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My goal for lucid dreaming was to just practice magic, nothing too shabby. I have no idea how I ended up here.

With that, let’s dive in to the dream world.

Randomly, I woke up, but I wasn’t in my own bed. I wasn’t even in my own room, or world. The bed was massive, the fabric of the sheets felt luxurious, futuristic, and unknown. My skin never touched anything like this before.

Once I got up, I simply put some clothes on, and left my room.

I don’t know why I did this, I don’t think this is one of those “Implanted memory” dreams. Instead, I think its simply instinct from countless times of travels and stays in hotels all over the world. It’s routine.

Once entering the lobby, I was in awe by the gigantic room—shaped like half a sphere, the walls, all 360 degrees, laced with gold. Beams supporting the structure were silver and had gemstones on them that reflected even the faintest of light enough to create a warm and pure atmosphere.

It was relatively crowded, but the sheer size of the building was capable of drowning out even the biggest of crowds.

Feeling refreshed, I walked to the area where they served breakfast. And if it wasn’t clear already that this wasn’t your usual hotel, then the next scene will show you…

I walked towards a soda fountain that caught my eye—there was something strange about it—It had only 2 options! Sparkling or flat water. No flavor of any kind.

“What is this?” I asked a person that waited behind me for his turn.

He shrugged. “This is the dream world, just imagine what flavor you want after selecting flat or sparkling water”.

Intrigued, and wanting to try something REALLY exotic, I said “White chocolate” in my mind while holding my cup under the “sparkling” water side of the fountain.

Immediately, the sparkling water was mixed with a white, viscous slime before it fell in my cup. It dissolved in the water, forming a white, bubbly concoction, which looked surprisingly tasty.

I walked away while taking a sip and damn that is some good stuff. The white chocolate taste was subtle, it wasn’t at all viscous and the bubbles together with the watery structure allowed for a very refreshing taste and texture.

Near the elevator was a large sign that showed the events that were held and what floor they were on.

The lucid dreaming event was held on the highest floor in the building. I wasn’t really sure what to do, but another lady got in, a thin girl wearing a red-pinkish sweater with glitters (but not overdone).

I got in as well, and as expected she pressed the button for the top floor. Except, we didn’t go to the top floor. Instead, we were heading down… Fast.

“Oh god!”, the girl yelled while my body filled with fear. The elevator had a glass wall, so we saw the area around the elevator going down further and further, all while it became increasingly dark.

“This isn’t supposed to happen, right?” I asked the girl loudly.

“N…no!” she stuttered with a fearful tone that had a sprinkle of doubt.

“I’m glad I’m not alone” I said, thinking how scary it would be if I was here alone.

The elevator finally stopped, and when the doors opened, we were greeted by a hot cave with lava all around. It was the pits of hell.

From afar the biggest, most buff looking devil-like being started walking towards the elevator. We were both absolutely shaking from fear.

The being—easily 3 meters tall, the head of a goat-like creature with big horns, carrying a large wooden melee weapon, thick muscles all around his body. To me, this seemed the devil.

He simply struggled to get in the elevator, sending right in front of me and the girl with his back facing towards us, looking over his shoulder, a heavy voice simply saying: “Sup”.

He did nothing! No fight or scary stuff. “He’s just going to the same conference as us!” the girl said, almost with a tone of regret of ever fearing him.

I sighed in relief. While I knew I was dreaming, I wasn’t really mentally prepared to face creatures of hell.

The elevator went back up, this time the right floor. Once at the top floor, we entered a large room where tables were set up in a row facing a man in a white suit and jeans and a large school board and a beamer that showed a computer screen.

“Welcome everyone! We will now continue our course into the fundamentals of Machine Learning. Today we will take a look at different layers of deep learning models.”, the man shouted after we took a seat.

The man showed a slide on the beamer. It showed a table with 3 different tasks on the left side:

  • Storage
  • Translation
  • (something I forgot)

On the right side, it showed example Python code to use those layers:

  • nn.Linear
  • nn.Embedding
  • (some kind of demonic symbol I don’t know why)

“Oh my god this is the wrong course”, the girl said.

While interested in data science, I was more eager to learn about dreams than about AI, so I followed her out.

As we were down at the hotel lobby again, she asked me if I could get some food. I grabbed a tile from the floor and imagined it is a chocolate biscuit now, and voilà! It was.

I broke it in 2 and gave half to her and the other half I ate myself. It was again tasting very lovely.

Later, the dream kind of went on in a faster pace with us going from room to room until we walked that same hallway again, and to my surprise, the tile was back!

“Wow… who put that tile back so fast?!” I let out in surprise, stopping my walk and looking around suspiciously at the crowd that passed me, looking for some kind of maintenance worker.

What struck me was that while I knew that in this location, in this exact spot, a tile should be missing, it wasn’t. Like a game where you shoot a bullet in the wall, it slowly disappears.

It almost felt like I really was in some kind of shared conscious where people came to attend conferences and events together. Everyone was accepted no matter where you came from or who you were (which was signified by the devil joining without harm).