Never had a dream so frustrating turn into one of the most breathtaking journeys I could imagine. This absolute marvel of trickery towards the dream’s characters created a perfectly balanced mix of wickedness and stunning views at a scale that shouldn’t be able to fit in my head. I woke up so relaxed as if I went on a 2-week vacation.

It was early in the morning as I woke up from a troublesome night with little sleep. My mom was already downstairs.

A delivery guy happened to be at our door and my mom said loudly as the bell rang: “Oh that’s the new medication I wanted you to try” (apparently I was sick in the dream, but what my ailment was, remained a mystery).

“What? But why? I go to the doctor for a check tomorrow. I already got prescription meds from him”.

“But this I trust more”, my mom replied.

“Can’t we just wait till tomorrow? I’m done at the doctor then, and we won’t risk messing with the results”, I added.

Shortly after, this discussion unraveled into this giant fight about so many things that I can’t begin to name it all. What matters is that at some point I got aware I was dreaming. In seconds, I plotted and executed my escape with such confidence and speed, that the dream couldn’t anticipate even if it wanted to!

“Yeah yeah, bla bla bla…” I let out in a monotone voice as I headed for the door. I closed it behind me, and I was alone in the still dark street. The sky was semi dark blue, just when the sun was coming up, but you still couldn’t see it. I couldn’t believe this worked.

I walked towards the left, entering a school playground. The whole street was the same as it was IRL, so the school existed too.

As I climbed over the fence and waked into the playground, my mind started racing with thoughts of what to do in a lucid dream, unaware that in the shadowy corners of the playground, a new thread was looming…

A group of roughly 3 people were standing in such a dark corner, that only their movement gave away that they were there.

I got a bit scared, but I reminded myself of my confident actions to get me out of that house, and decided to just walk past them. They didn’t interact with me at all. It worked exactly according to plan!

Once I was past them, I noticed lots of scrap metal lying around. I remember now that one of my lucid dreaming goals was to simply travel and take in the scenery.

How cool would it be if I can control a magical vehicle to travel around?

I reached for about 4 large pieces and threw them on a pile. After trying to connect pieces together, I ended up with this large flying saucer that had 2 seats without a roof. It was neatly hovering above the floor, waiting to be driven.

In front of each seat was a joystick. The joystick on the left lets you turn the vehicle in the direction of where you push the joystick in. By pulling the joystick up or down you made the vehicle go up/down respectively.

The joystick on the right rotated the vehicle, allowing you to change perspective and not constantly looking ahead.

I took a seat on the left side and made the vehicle move up by pulling the joystick up. After I was high enough, to float above the building, I flew straight ahead until I flew into the open window of another, much taller building.

Inside, I found my sisters’ fiancé, who somehow had a completely different name: Gigi.

I asked Gigi if he wanted to join me in my journey. He said yes, but that he first needs to win an auction for some type of collectables that he wants before a national holiday would begin, so he could sell them.

He disappeared into a conference room, the doors closed, and I kept waiting. Soon after, he returned with 2 pallets full of the collectable he spoke so highly of, but he didn’t look happy…

“I only got 2000 of them, I wanted way more”, he replied after I asked him what happened.

There was an awkward silence, in which I thought about how 2000 items still sounds like a lot, especially since he had 2 pallets full of them.

I broke the silence, by asking: “Hey do you want to fly with me now?”.

“Nah man I feel like shit right now”. Poof, that got me instant furious. I was waiting here all this time only for him to cancel our flight!?

“Fine whatever!”, I let out while being upset. I jumped into my flying saucer and decided to take off on my own. Just as I was to fly into another room, I realized my anger wasn’t going to let go. I turned around, saying: “Hey Gigi…”.

A mere millisecond after he turned around, I shot a bullet through his head, it was a bulls-eye. He collapsed and fell on the floor as the loud bang filled the room.

“I swear to god if you turn to live again…” I jokingly said as I turned around to leave to the other room again.

“Oh no…” I sighed as I turned around once more, seeing Gigi get again. Of course, he had to come back to live!

But something far more sinister happened. He came back to life, but all he did was shooting himself! That’s all that happened! After that, he really did remain dormant.

“Huh, probably couldn’t live with the guilt”, I said jokingly as I turned around to head to the other room, this time for real.

The next room was rather small, there was a window that connected the roof to the outside world, and a few cabinets, and a pretty generic blue carpeting.

I looked around for some random stuff – a lamp, a book, things like that – to throw them at the window and smash it open for my escape.

Nothing worked. The window remained firmly closed! “Why not just open the window?” my mind randomly brain farted. This was such a dumb yet so effective idea. I simply lifted the handle and the window opened.

Something caught my eye just before leaving, something black laid on the floor, and it was my Toothless plushie! The exact same that I sleep in my bed with!

An itch went over my belly, I knew that having him here means some Polar Express level of adventure. And just as that vibe was growing, the plushie came to live.

He made a very cute, high-pitched “yawn” sound as he opened his maw! It was so cute, so lifelike, yet remained in the plushie style.

It was a pure work of art on its own. Toothless began to fly around my flying saucer. While the seat next to me was still free, I didn’t feel alone at all – and with my new companion, I flew outside through the open window!

The view that washed over absolutely blew me away – the most beautiful mountains with thick layers of forests and jungles, giant crystal blue waterfalls as far as you could see, all ending up in this blue lagoon. In the center, a giant geyser spurted all the water up in such a delicate fashion, it could very well be an artsy fountain.

The whole thing was so serene, so quite, yet filled with low tones of large sources of water hitting the rocks. Just by looking at it, one already came to rest.

I used the controls on the saucer to slowly pan over this absolutely breathtaking view, and that fact I could easily, slowly and precisely move my view only added to the already unforgettable experience.

After a while, we began to descent slowly just above the lake beneath the waterfalls, just past the geyser. Hidden in the bottom of a mountain was a restaurant that doubled as a spa. Lights were burning from the inside, showing it was open. Above the door, a sign read “The blue lagoon” unironically. It made me wonder if this was a troll, or that they really thought being original here.

The restaurant had a parking spot for various vehicles, all of which were fantasy-like. It was easy to park my vehicle, but upon entry of the restaurant, I woke up.