This was one of those relaxing nights

I walked into the local park, and suddenly noticed something strange – my hands were covered in dog poop. I have no idea how it happened, but there it was, sticky and stinking.

For some reason, I immediately got lucid right this second. Wanting to get rid of this situation, I focused my thoughts and imagined a sink with soap appearing in front of me.

To my surprise, it worked. A shiny ceramic sink materialized, complete with a bottle of soap.

I eagerly grabbed the bottle and took a sniff, expecting a delightful fragrance. It had no scent at all. It was as if the soap was just a prop, a mere illusion.

Feeling that soap that was already in the dream to begin with might have a smell, I left the park and walked through the streets, where I found a portable toilet.

Inside, I discovered a fully functional sink, complete with soap! Eager to test its scent, I took a deep breath, and oh joy, it smelled like a cheap lemon soap. It wasn’t divine as you might expect in a dream, but it was “ok”!

Shortly after, everything began to feel wonky. The ground beneath me seemed to sway, like a drunk man, I was struggling to maintain balance.

Rather than fight it, I decided it was time to move on to another dream scenario. Closing my eyes, I ran straight through the wall of the portable toilet. I kept running, feeling the ground shift beneath me until it became soft and spongy.

When I finally opened my eyes, I found myself standing on a massive wooden circle, surrounded by water. In the distance, I saw other similar structures, each connected by narrow walkways made of ropes. One of them had a huge pile of boats, all nailed together. It was like a floating city.

As I got distracted by the sight, a local suddenly appeared beside me and explained that these wooden platforms used to be warships, but now they served as hotels and apartments.

Just then, another man, named Michael, arrived in the same way as I did. Before we could talk more, a group of panicked civilians rushed towards us, warning that a war was breaking out once again.

“Who are the strongest wizards here?” I said, eager to offer assistance. 3 men, including Micheal, raised their hands.

“We’ll take the front line,” I declared, looking at Michael and the other men present. I instructed them, “We hold the line, and the rest of you keep anything that gets past us from getting too far!”

The battle began, and it was intense. Giant otters emerged from the water, seemingly out of nowhere, determined to claim this wooden land for themselves. We fought valiantly, and the air was filled by people shouting spells, followed by explosions, fireballs, and lightning bolts.

After what felt like hours, the last otter disappeared beneath the waves. Behind us, we heard a sudden applause, and only then we knew it was over. Turning around, we saw the civilians of this strange world cheering for us.