My lucid dreaming goal for tonight was to go into outer space and meet up with a highly advanced alien civilization.

As I fell into a slumber, I started to fly around in the city that I know as Rotterdam. I recognized the city because of its memorable bridge. It was all so real — I could feel the water splashing around me as I sifted over the canal.

Suddenly, I realized my goal of meeting up with the advanced alien civilization. Instead of flying forward, I started to fly upwards. And faster. And faster.

I quickly went into the stratosphere — almost reaching into outer space before I heard my sister calling me all the way back from Earth.

She was screaming at me: “Peter Peter, come back!”. I did as she instructed and when I landed, I asked her what was going on. She told me that I needed to have a spaceship before going into outer space because otherwise it would be too dangerous. I couldn’t go with just a human body. I was quite surprised by her reaction, especially given that I was flying already really fast over the waters.

She pointed towards the right and I saw a very small one person spaceship. With a bit of difficulty, I crammed myself into it, closed the door and the spaceship automatically started to fly upwards again.

It didn’t take long before finding another planet. It looked very much like the Earth that I knew, but as I closed in on the planet, I already started to notice subtle differences, I just couldn’t quite tell what was going on yet.

The spaceship automatically landed in a city that looked very much like Amsterdam. I opened the door and there wasn’t really anything going on just yet. But for some reason, my instinct told me to bring an electronic device outside and that’s exactly what I did. I took a desk fan outside, it wasn’t plugged in. Once I hit the power button, it started working — and that’s when I realized: This earths core is a giant Tesla coil.

All the electronic devices, the lights, the cars, everything is working without any power source!

It was quite amazing to see. And my mind started racing over the complications. Even though the world was very similar to ours, the economy and everything else probably had developed very much differently, despite ending up with pretty much the same Innovations as ours. Well, this wasn’t the advanced civilization that I was hoping for and rather an earth-like civilization that just got really lucky by discovering power this way. It still was quite interesting to see.

I will likely try to do this again in another lucid dream.