Last night before going to bed, I decided to lucid dream about meeting Richard Feynman.

I have met him before in dreams and I wanted to ask him a question about how to focus better on research.

To this day, Richard Feynman remains one of my biggest Idols in the world of science and physics.

I went to bed about 23:30, and I woke up around 8:30.

And from there, I try to carry out my plans. I fell back asleep, and while the alarm clock was only set for snooze on 10 minutes, during that 10-minute window, I got a lot done.

I suddenly woke up in a strange dark version of my room. And I knew it wasn’t the real world and I also knew I only had 10 minutes possibly even less because you don’t fall asleep right away.

I didn’t think I would make it into the dream world anymore, but here I was, so I decided to make the most of it.

First things first, I needed to make the dream more stable. It was very janky and I couldn’t find my balance. I also missed a middle finger when I looked at my hands which didn’t scare me at all.

I simply put my hands on the wall and try to feel around as the world became more stable.

After that, I tried to carry out a plan on how to meet Richard Feynman. The first thing I could do was simply calling out for his name while opening random doors. Sadly, no one was there.

“Mr Feynman!” I yelled. “Mr Feynman we have met before…”

The only thing that I encountered was strange versions of our rooms. No one was inside, not even after yelling.

Well, back to my plan, and instead of trying to call out for him, I decided to go to him myself.

I simply closed my eyes and then imagined the last place that I met Richard Feynman.

It was in this strange futuristic white room that also had a garden with more than just Richard Feynman.

That was also Spider-Man. There were some police, docters. Overall, a lot of different kind of people with different roles, all trying to tend to help people in need, especially children.

It was a rather beautiful place. I tried to focus on it again while closing my eyes and walking straight into a wall and I kept going forward.

I did not stop until I hit something that was of any significance and not a big black void.

What I have encountered was a door that once opened I came into this cute little house. It wasn’t exactly the place that I thought I would end up in, but there was a woman who said she was familiar with Richard Feynman.

There were a lot of food and pastries on the table. I asked if I could take one and she said that, I once told her that I shouldn’t be allowed to get it. So she didn’t let me…

I don’t remember meeting her before, but she was very, very confident I have met her before, and told her explicitly not to let me take any food.

Well, I guess it is what it is. I asked her about Richard Feynman. I also realized I suddenly wore a jacket and gloves, which she asked if she could take them to hang them on the coat hanger.

By the time I could drop the subject of Richard Feynman, she was already starting to disappear because the alarm clock went off.

But once I woke up, I realized that I did a lot in less than 10 minutes.

So, it begs the question: With more time, can I do it?

I guess Richard was just busy today. I hope to meet him some time again.