I’m having a huge cold, and I was on my lowest energy levels, when, exhausted, I asked for “something beautiful” to lift my spirit seconds before diving under the blankets and calling it a day.

I passed out fast, having barely slept the day before. The night was filled with crazy encounters and jumps into chaotic worlds, but ended ever so peacefully.

That night, a dragon with the biggest wings I could imagine landed on my house and picked me up from the rooftops.

The dragon, with blue and purple scales, was able to talk, and even was capable of instructing me how to best get on his back!

We sifted through the skies, the sound of the wind sifting past my ears making this ever more realistic. We flew over my city, around 2 meters above the houses. The sun was just about to surface as we flew over the houses, the dragon picking up speed as time went by.

We landed half-way to pick up a young boy who I never met. The dragon said that “he needs it too”, and that he would fly us both tonight. Just like with me, the dragon instructed how the boy should be seated. He was big enough to fly us both with ease.

The adventure seemed to have lasted forever, and - during the whole encounter - I was aware I was dreaming. But it was so beautiful, I didn’t want to change one bit!

When I woke up, while still sick, I felt young and vital!