This was like a VR game but far more real! The second I dreamed, I plunged into this strange futuristic world. I had a house with me and my bf somewhere outside the city near a metal dump.

Outside, a car was parked. It was a light brown 1898 Mercedes-Benz 420SEL with some mods on there – pipes running over the front and back of the car.

My bf and I had some discussion about what to do tomorrow as it was almost night. When I looked out the window, I saw a group of 4 guys running at our house, and it seemed they were up to rob us. I quickly jumped out of the house and into the car, started it up with a press on a futuristic looking start button.

The car instantly sprung to life and I ran over all 4 guys once. They were instantly dead. Once I got out of the car, more started to jump over the fence. Suddenly, a menu bar appeared on top of the dream and I could choose between weapons and strangely enough, potions too!

I picked a high energy and health potion and began fighting the guys one by one. I had the time of my life.

After fighting them off, my bf came outside and told me: “Hey you got a lot of potions because you never knew how to use them!”

I replied: “Yeah, the game is so much easier now!”