This dream was quite cool, I’m a huge fan of Dankpods and his YouTube channel (the short version is he does iPod repairs and reviews various audio equipment old and new, often with a big touch of humor).

For some reason, he invited me to his house in Australia, and he was showing me his computer and all that.

Proudly, he showed me and app on his computer called “Chrome v.s. You” that showed how many percent in the world is looking at Google Chrome right now v.s. people watching your YouTube channel.

2% of all people looking at Chrome was watching his channel, and he flexed that to me, while staying humble at the same time, making it sound like he was prouder of it rather than rubbing it in someone’s face. It was a very refreshing vibe.

The realization that I was in the presence of a legend kicked in, and I almost didn’t dare to ask it, but I asked if he and I could collaborate on some video in the future. I also do repairs of some older devices, so it didn’t seem to far-fetched! His answer was that he’ll look for content that matches my channel and get in touch! I couldn’t believe it!