It’s been weeks since I posted a dream, most of them were boring.

I had to catch up a lot of sleep + a cold kept me from having a deep sleep required for getting those wonderful dreams where you end up in other worlds and experience wild adventures.

Last night, fortunately, was one of those night. A magical portal was found into the world of Zootopia! Let’s dive into the dream world.

It all started with me being at home. Apparently, I was in a very heavy fight with my mom, but the reason was unknown. All I knew was that it was a very heated fight.

We were screaming and yelling at each other in the living room, and outside it was semi-dark, suggesting it was around early evening. This type of fight never happens in real life.

I was yelling at her, when suddenly, we heard a loud “knock!” — so loud, that it broke our fight instantly. With an expression of fear, we both peaked out the window. The faint daylight made it possible to still look outside.

What I saw there, was beyond normal – my uncle and some of his friends held machetes or big, dull knifes and were about to break into our house. Once fighting, my mom and I now teamed up to fight our new common enemy. We swiftly grabbed the biggest knifes in the kitchen and opened the front door and attacked them before they could get in.

It was a big bloody painful fight, I remember getting cut left and right from my uncle and his buddies. The reasons why they attacked us was unknown, but it hurt a lot, even for a dream. (I always feel things in dreams as if they were happening IRL, sometimes I even wake up with the same pain on my real body, luckily that didn’t happen this time).

For some reason we managed to win the fight and went back inside to treat our wounds. After that, news came out that a portal was found in our world that leads to … Zootopia?

The best part was that it was open to the public. So I went to the portal, it looked somewhat like this.

Just before the portal, an animal was waiting near the entrance, leaning against it. It looked like a brown animal that I couldn’t place well. It asked me: “Do you want to enter as human or as your animal counterpart?”

“Just as my human”, I replied, surprised there were options.

I passed through the rubber curtain, and instantly I was in this lovely room with a bar, a lot of plants, and some music that fits well in a Savannah themed area!

I opened my eyes wide walked slowly inside the room and looked around, the scene was so beautifully crafted as if my dream was made by Disney or DreamWorks! The style fit so well that it was almost impossible to imagine. I still don’t understand why I ended up in the real world of Zootopia, because I don’t even like Zootopia all that much (the art style doesn’t speak to me).

That didn’t make it any less special, I knew full well I was witnessing something amazing – animals of all kinds and sizes sat at the bar or relaxing on big pillows on the floor. It was clear this place was set up for those that just arrived through the portal.

I sat at the bar, and asked for a drink, I was served something that was akin to beer, but it was different in taste.

I remember having fun and talking to other animals there for a while. A tap on my shoulder broke the fun.

I looked back, and this female gazelle like creature met my gaze. Behind her was this giant bull-like creature. Both of them wore police uniforms.

“Mister Willemsen, Could you come with us please?”, the gazelle asked me with a stern expression.

“Sure…” I said softly, afraid of what was going to happen. I was guided in a room not far from the café where there was this big square table, police and other animals were sitting, they ordered me to take a seat next to them.

“Am I under arrest?” I asked the police animals. “We just want to ask you a few questions…”, the gazelle replied, also having taken a seat at the other side of the table.

I swallowed… I knew what it was about, the fight I had with my uncle! Shit I’m going to jail for violence!

“I… I swear it was self-defense!” I replied directly. “That’s what we will find out”, she replied.

“C-can I go get a drink real quick?”, I asked. “Sure,” she said.

I got off again, and for some reason, I didn’t walk to the bar, but I walked straight past it, through the portal again, and to my own house to grab a glass of lemonade! I have no idea why! It would’ve been easier to go to the bar as it was closer by.

This did make me lucid, though, as when I walked back to the portal, the distance seemed much further than it normally was! In fact, it took me nearly 30 minutes in dream time to go back to the portal, even though to my house and kitchen was like 5 minutes.

This huge discrepancy in time made me aware that this was a dream. I still wanted to be in Zootopia, so I started running towards the portal, but my running slowed down as if it was recorded in slow-motion. It also almost woke me up.

I don’t know why, but for some reason, I could feel that, IRL, I was still very early in my sleep and had plenty of time, so I decided to walk again and focus on the portal. Finally, having found it, I walked through it again. I got back at the table with my drink, but sadly, at that point, I already woke up…