I had no lucid dreaming goal set out, so when I did get lucid, things got messy pretty fast…

First, I found a mysterious crystal that reflects your spirit animal, and then I found a portal that brings you straight into the world of Zootopia.

I woke up feeling full in a strange, indescribable way.

Buckle up, and let’s drive into the dream space.

The dream starts with me being in some place outside with my mom. It wasn’t anywhere on earth. The climate was tropical, and the sun shined uninterrupted.

There was this temple who’s outside construction mostly existed of tiles with a cloudy pattern of yellow and red, as if 2 paints were mixed together.

This is where I realized I was dreaming, as something quite peculiar happened. Being the silly me, I always find patterns. Dreams are no exception.

I found out that if I looked at a tile, it has a random pattern. When I look at another tile, it has another random pattern – still the same “art style” but differently arranged. Given the cloudy pattern is random, this makes sense.

But if I looked back at the original tile I first laid my eyes on, the pattern was random again! I remembered a red patch of color on the top left, but when looking back, it was not there.

I told my mom of this discovery, and she was completely uninterested, saying something like “whatever”. This experiment I tried a number of times to see if it kept happening (it did).

But I didn’t stop there – I closed my eyes while fixating on 1 specific tile – upon opening my eyes, instead of randomizing tile art, it stayed the same.

“WOW mom it’s like my brain hasn’t got enough resources to store a specific pattern, but it can retrieve the exact same pattern when you’re not looking away at another tile! It probably overwrites the pattern each time you see a tile. This is so cool, because at first glance you don’t notice it in a dream unless you pay real good attention!”

My mom got upset – “Peter just let it go, who cares.”

I was a bit turned off, and I walked into the direction of a cave that was on the left side of the temple. On the left side just 1 step inside the cave, there was this giant purple crystal with a flat side. From the side of it, I could already tell it was magical. But I didn’t dare to look myself.

I grabbed my mom and pushed her in front of the crystal. It showed an eagle that was tilting its head up and screamed. I realized this was a crystal that shows your spirit animal in your reflection.

Then I saw my stepdad who I also pushed in front of the crystal. He had a badger as reflection.

I then walked further into the cave, where suddenly vision began to turn foggy… More and more smoke surrounded my full body – I covered my face with both my arms as my entire body felt so cold from the humidity… Then suddenly…


Behind me was a door. Above it was an exit sign… In front of me was a normal looking hallway. That was all.

I walked…

“Hey are you ok, buddy?” a voice asked me as the first signs of life appeared ahead of me.

The voice was manly yet slightly high-pitched, but ever so slightly. I froze, in front of me was a walking fox, on 2 legs, having clothes on.

“What is this place?” I asked him.

“This is Zootopia!,” he exclaimed. “What? Are you new here?”, he continued.

“Uhm… y-yes?” I stuttered. This can’t be.

“Well let me give you a tour then!” the fox said as he swung an arm around me.

Everything looked exactly like the art style of the Zootopia movie. While this character wasn’t exactly Nick Wilde, he was a generic fox that fit the design of the other foxes in the movie.

I was really stunned by how well my dream could render a world with a completely different timeline than the movie, yet look so alike. If you held it side-by-side, nobody would be able to tell the scene in my dream wasn’t a scene in the movie.

The fox wore blue overalls, and had no shoes on. We walked throughout the building for a while, and he showed me various animals walking around, and we talked about life around here.

Something I noticed, however, was that some animals were laying flat on the floor or on a bench somewhere. They weren’t sleeping, looked almost dead, but they were alive.

I couldn’t help but begin about it, as everyone seems to be completely naive to the fact that animals lay completely dormant amidst the furry crowd.

“Hey, what is up with those sleepy animals?”, I asked softly. “Oh, they are on drugs”, the fox replied confidently. “There is this new drug that’s completely wowzers, do you want to have a hit?”, he continued as he held up some blue vape-like device, with a glass tip where you’re supposed to inhale.

I was stunned, no way I’d be taking something that makes animals do this! “Uhm, no thanks”, I stuttered again.

“Suit yourself,” he said as he put the device back in his pocket, but he didn’t make a big deal out of it.

After our tour, we were on the way to the portal place where I entered. On my right, I saw a bench where a fat looking fox (also wearing blue overalls, but larger than the fox that gave me the tour, since he was a lot bigger) lay dormant. Within his grip was a smaller fox cub, this fox wore a purple t-shirt with no print and light blue shorts.

I stopped and looked closer at the cub. He, too, was not asleep at all. I got angry. “Hey what the fuck! You guys give this shit to kids now?!”, I snarled at the fox that gave me the tour.

“Uhm…” the fox stuttered for the first time. “N-no that’s not what happened at all! You see, the laws for work here changed and you have to work longer hours now, he’s probably just very tired you know!..”

“No way kids work that long here”, I thought. “But better not to dwell on it.”

“Ok, well, you might review your little drug problem here…” I added, stopping the discussion as we walked back to the door that let me into this world.

“Well, it seems that my time is up here…”, I said softly, a little sad. I felt I might have a purpose in this world, even if I’m just a human in a world full of animals.

A moment of silence fell… “Is this world real?” I asked the fox.

“Yes, it’s very real.”



“Do you know the movie ‘Polar Express’?”, I asked the fox.

“We have something like that I think”, the fox hesitated but answered.

“In the end, the kids get a little bell that you can only hear ringing when you still believe in Christmas.”, I replied.

The fox interrupted me. “We don’t have a bell like that around here…”

“I know, but in the end, the bells sounds slowly faded out as they quit believing. What if that happens to me?”, I asked.

“Well, here’s to hoping you keep believing then”, the fox replied playfully. The mood was both joyful and sad, it was really a Disney-esque vibe.

“Here’s to hope. Goodbye.”, I said as I opened the completely normal looking exit door, almost about to cry. The entrance to the door was as filled with black fog as it was when I entered deeper into the cave.

The second I entered into the doorway, I woke up, the clock said 06:23. It was super early, but I was really awake. I couldn’t sleep anymore.

What made me more sad, was that the second I was awake I already lost belief in this world’s existence. I thought it would die out slowly, but no, it faded in seconds. Fuck… That made me sadder than any Disney movie ever did.

What also made me feel weird is that I don’t like the art style of Zootopia all that much, and my boyfriend is a huge fan, and I felt almost as if this was supposed to be his dream.