Today was one of those days again, but at least I didn’t get arrested in Zootopia!

The dream started right when I spawned into a very strange city – the streets and houses all had a red shade.

Seconds after spawning into the dream, a police car was chasing me as well as 2 cops running after me.

Immediately, I became aware I was dreaming, and got crafty – in seconds, I devised a plan to dodge the cops for good! When turning into a dragon, all monsters/ghosts/scary stuff that chased me, stops and walks away, unable to recognize their target.

I thought the same would happen with humans, and as such I quickly turned into a dragon. It happened so fast, that just looking ahead of me, I already saw the shadow of the dragon, not the human me. The dragon’s color is red, which meant it didn’t go well with the shade of the city.

“Oh well, that’s it I guess”, I thought as I stood there, not moving at all. But the police kept coming, I quickly took to running while spreading my arms to fly away.

It was too late…

I felt a hand on my shoulder and another quickly cuffed my paws from behind.

After that, I was manhandled into the back of the police car and was driven off to the nearby station. Neither of the cops explained why I was arrested.

Once at the station, there was this really fat cop that told me I’d be going to prison. They gave me an orange prisoner uniform that fit surprisingly well on a larger dragon’s body, yet again didn’t blend well with its color. But it also felt unnatural to have clothes on as a dragon, overall it didn’t feel well, it just fitted well.

Then something strange happened, the fat cop handed me a piece of paper showing 3 circles and 3 squares on top of each other. He said: “Put this in your pocket, and if you show this to the guards, they give you pizza”.

“Oh that must be a lot better than the standard prison food, it’s good to have a friend on the inside, too”, I thought. I accepted the paper, and quickly put it in a front pocket so that other cops couldn’t see it.

  • Peter WillemsenOPMA
    7 months ago

    Official length is about 1.90M (Which I managed to measure during that one dream where I was separated somehow), so it does fit, so much bigger than me but not enough not to be able to fit in a cop car, I still remember having pain in my neck though Dragon laughing